Being part of a large group can have many advantages, one of which has led to the introduction of a new product line for Ymuiden Stores—the Eurodata® network probecables. Jeroen Dorenbusch, director of Ymuiden Stores, explains: “Together with Lankhorst Euronete, we are part of WireCo WorldGroup. WireCo is not only active in steel cables and synthetic rope, but also has the brand Camesa Wireline, a producer of electromechanical cables. Until recently, Camesa produced these cables for the oiland gas sector until the idea arose to produce net probe cables. The product developers in Mexico set to work quickly and the test phase was concluded at the end of 2017 with two long-term tests at sea. The introduction of Eurodata® was launched in January 2018. "

Since then, various main probe cables are in stock in Ymuiden; and the "runners" - type CX1100 (a co-axial 11MM cable) and type MC920 (a monoconductor of 9.2MM) - are in great demand. “A year after introduction, the cables were already shipped to more than 50 ships in the Netherlands and abroad,” Dorenbusch says. “Many European fishing companies have made the switch to Eurodata®, and the feedback we receive from the users at sea is positive.” The transmission of signals from the net probe systems is described as "spotless," and the mechanical performance is far above that of existing cables, among other things due to a 20 percent higher breaking strength and a well-adhering grease, specially developed for fishing applications.

According to Ymuiden Stores, it is the combination of strength and good data transmission properties with the ability to deliver different lengths and diameters from stockthat has made Eurodata® a success. The possibility of worldwide fast shipping via Rotterdam and even Schiphol ensures that this crucial product can reach the ships in the short term. That is clearly appreciated, and is the reason that Ymuiden cables are now being used not only in the Netherlands, but also among shipping companies in Russia, China, Namibia, Norway, Iceland, Spain and France.