WireCo WorldGroup is pleased to announce the formal company-wide launch of our Global Preferred Employer Program.  This program builds on past progress and is a formalized method to promote and track how WireCo is building a culture that attracts, retains and engages top talent, promotes teamwork and morale, increases productivity, and supports the community. Our goal is to become the Preferred Employer everywhere we operate. 

Jim O’Leary, Chairman and CEO stated “To build on our already strong foundation of engaged and experienced associates around the world, we are structuring our efforts to employ the best people, continually improve our workplaces and ensure we’re connected in the communities where we operate.  This commitment includes ensuring that we always conduct business in an ethical manner, treat our fellow WireCo associates well, and are actively involved in the community. The success of this program lies in each of our daily activities – having a commitment to teamwork, supporting fellow associates, promoting core values, and proactively identifying things that can be improved.”

This program will equip our associates with the information they need to create an environment that:

Attracts, supports, and retains the best PEOPLE,

Ensures our associates operate in a WORKPLACE that’s safe and secure,

Embeds us as a COMMUNITY partner in the locations in which we operate