TURBOLITE® M Hybrid Mine Hoist Rope

CASAR has introduced TURBOLITE® M, a new 8-strand compacted hybrid hoist rope for underground mining. TURBOLITE® M delivers the best strength-to-weight ratio in the industry and is measurably lighter than standard steel ropes. Its high-strength plastic impregnated fiber core is fatigue-resistant and makes installation and rope maintenance easier. 

In extensive field-testing, TURBOLITE M ropes have been in service four years in an underground vertical shaft used on a drum winder. These ropes still have significant life remaining, and are approaching three times the normal service life of flattened strand ropes.    

Higher strength, lighter weight TURBOLITE M ropes provide top performance and service life, minimizing downtime and lowering the overall cost of ownership. For more information, contact Chris Bateman, Technical Services – Mining Engineer, chrisbateman@wireco.com.     

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