PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kansas - WireCo’s 9-Part Super-Flex slings have improved efficiencies providing the industry’s maximum-rated capacity lifting slings per diameter for wire rope. The improved efficiency is backed with a proven design that provides internal adjustment to distribute the load equally among all nine parts of the sling body.

The improved manufacturing process can produce component sling lengths up to 180 feet. This provides users with slings capable of long-fall lifting applications. In addition, the 9-Part Super-Flex sling is extremely flexible, making it one the easiest slings to rig up. The multiple rope body of the sling will flex and bend to meet the load configurations required of the product while providing a wide bearing surface for load securement.

The Super-Flex sling construction makes it possible to easily inspect all parts of the sling before and after each lift, which is important to remember if the sling is to be used many times. The construction of the sling allows easy access for inspection and monitoring of each component wire rope. For maximum flexibility, the Super-Flex multi-part sling eyes can be supplied plain, wrapped, or seized at the request of the user.

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