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July 15, 2019

Get the latest news from across Lankhorst including Lankhorst Ropes' dedication to optimising mooring & towing line performance, Lankhorst Offshore being recognised by DSM Dyneema as an 'Innovation Partner' & Tata Steel's new coil storage system from Lankhorst Engineered Products

WireCo brands working together for innovation in the fishing industry!

June 19, 2019

WireCo brands Camesa Wireline and Ymuiden (a division of Lankhorst Euronete) introduce a new product line for Ymuiden Stores—the Eurodata® network probe cables.

WireCo launches global Preferred Employer Program

May 13, 2019

WireCo is pleased to announce the formal company-wide launch of our Global Preferred Employer Program.This program builds on past progress and is a formalized method to promote and track how WireCo is building a culture that attracts, retains and engages top talent...

Lankhorst Euronete Australia and Bridco Supports Medical Ship in PNG

August 22, 2018

YWAM Medical Ships in Australia is an organization that delivers healthcare and training in remote areas of Papua New Guinea (PNG) with their medical ship and land-based teams.  Lankhorst Euronete Australia and Bridco have teamed up to get the YWAM Training and Medical Ship, the MV YWAM PNG, in top condition for her next deployment to PNG by donating mooring ropes, stainless steel lifting-hooks and shackles, and lifting straps.

How WireCo’s backing of a local startup is paying off big

June 14, 2018

Corporations sometimes can be hesitant to give startups a shot, but in WireCo WorldGroup’s case, it saw the ideal technology in Overland Park’s Command.App and quickly signed up to use the custom app. For both companies, the relationship has paid off in multiple ways, from driving innovation to landing Command.App an early adopter and marquee client.

Reflective Anchor Lines for Asian Hercules III

May 01, 2018

Lankhorst Ropes has supplied Lanko®force with Dyneema® jacket anchor lines for the 5,000 ton floating sheerleg crane Asian Hercules III. The Lanko®force anchor lines moor the barge during lifting operations; the rope’s low stretch provides a high level of stability while the sheerleg crane is operating.

Clear track ahead thanks to Kirow Railway Cranes and CASAR Eurolift

April 01, 2018

Even today, 200 years after the invention of the first usable locomotive, the railway continues to play a decisive role when it comes to transporting people and goods from A to B. Maintenance and the development of the track network are fundamentally important to smooth operation as delays are not only annoying, they cost money too. For this reason, 80 years ago, the company Kirow in Leipzig began developing railway cranes.