Fact Sheet

The Business

WireCo is one of the world's largest manufacturers of steel and synthetic lifting products, servicing a diverse range of end markets, geographies and customers with multiple product offerings. We manufacture high-performance steel and synthetic rope, electromechanical cable (EMC), fabricated products, specialty steel wire, synthetic yarns and engineered products.

Corporate Structure
  • Onex Corporation, a private equity investment firm and holding company based out of Toronto, Ontario owns a majority interest in the company. Paine & Partners, LLC (“Paine & Partners”), which acquired WireCo in 2007, maintains a significant minority stake.
  • Our headquarters is located in Prairie Village, KS, USA.
  • We changed our name from Wire Rope Corporation of America (WRCA) to WireCo WorldGroup in October 2007 to align our identity with our global availability.
  • Our international management team reflects extensive industry experience.
Our Brands

Our products are marketed under the following brands:

Our Customers
  • We serve more than 6,000 customers across a diverse range of industries, including mining, oil, construction, fishing, maritime, aerospace, and military.
  • Because our customers operate around the globe, we have a global network of sales, distribution, and technical support to serve them.
  • We are one of the largest manufacturers of wire rope and synthetic rope in the world.
  • We are a market leader in synthetic ropes, fibers, yarns and the largest manufacturer of netting in the world.
  • We are the global market share leader of electromechanical cable products used for data logging in the oil and gas industry.
  • We are a significant producer of specialized high carbon wire products, including tire bead and prestress concrete wire and strand in North America.
  • We have a highly diversified product portfolio to meet any customer requirements.
Product Lines

Wire Rope – high-carbon steel wire strands helically and symmetrically twisted and closed together around a central core. Used for:

  • Drill-lines/sand-lines for oil and gas exploration
  • Shovel and drag-line ropes for surface mining
  • Crane ropes for construction or heavy industry
  • Specialty ropes for hoisting and assemblies used in original equipment manufacturing (OEM)
  • Fabricated products, including assemblies and machine component

Specialty Wire – used for applications, such as:

  • Flexible ductwork
  • Pre-stressed concrete pipes and tanks
  • Springs
  • Control cables
  • Automotive tires
  • Fiber optic cable armor

EM Cable and Other Products – highly engineered electrical signal-conducting cable that is armor plated with high-carbon steel or special steel alloys to protect the signal conductors inside. These products are manufactured to meet custom specifications

Synthetic Rope – high tenacity fiber ropes, strands, braids and strength members. Used for wide range of applications including:

    Marine (including mooring lines, life lines, winch lines and boat rigging)
  • Industrial (including structural and support lines, power cables and broadcast tower guy cables)
  • Military
  • Polyester ropes for specialized applications
  • We operate 25 manufacturing facilities, which include our joint ventures in 11 different countries on four continents.
  • We have the capacity to produce more than 300,000 total short tons of wire rope and synthetic rope and 425,000 total short tons of specialty wire and related products annually.

We employ nearly 4,000 employees worldwide. We have collective bargaining agreements with the following labor organizations representing employees at some of our locations:

  • United Steel Workers of America
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers
  • Sindicato Progresista de Trabajadores de la Industria Metalica, del Plastico, del Vidrio, Similares y Conexos de la Republica Mexicana
  • Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria Metalica y Metal-Metalica de la Industria y Soldadura, Arrendamiento de Equipo, Similares y Conexos del Estado de Mexico
  • IG Metall of Germany
  • ME Saar of Germany
  • FNV Bondgenoten - (Holland)
  • CNV - (Holland)
  • De Unie - (Holland)
Quality Certifications

We believe we are the only Company in our industry to hold all of the following quality certifications:

Industry Involvement

WireCo WorldGroup takes an active role in industry associations that develop standards and applications, including: