History of Growth

WireCo WorldGroup establishes Distribution Center in Queimados, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Bring industry-leading wire rope products to the Brazilian mining, ports, industrial cranes, construction, and fishing markets.
  • Strengthen the Brazilian wire rope industry through our technical expertise and global reach to meet diverse customer needs.
  • Broaden the scope and range of wire rope options and value-added solutions designed to enhance the operational efficiency of a wide range of Brazilian industries.
WireCo WorldGroup announces acquisition of Netherlands based Endenburg B.V. Opens WireCo Crane Center in Gouda, the Netherlands
  • Allows WireCo to be close to the market with new crane center near Rotterdam port.
  • Merge Endenburg's Maritime department to create industry-leading team.
WireCo WorldGroup announces acquisition of the Lankhorst Euronete Group - a world leader in synthetic products with more than 200 years of experience.
  • Allows for leading global market share of value-added synthetic products.
  • Brings a premium brand and strong market position to the offshore oil and gas market.
  • Increases technical leadership in research and development of high-tech synthetic products.
WireCo WorldGroup announces acquisition of Drumet Liny i Druty Sp.z o.o. (Drumet), a leading manufacturer of wire rope, steel wire, and steel wire band in Wloclawek, Poland.
  • Access to new markets in Eastern Europe.
  • Increased wire capacity to support manufacturing operations.
  • Enhanced scope of operations in Europe, providing WireCo with unmatched wire and rope production capabilities in North America, Asia and Europe.
WireCo WorldGroup acquires Oliveira Sá, a Portugal-based leading synthetic and wire rope manufacturer.
  • Expansion in the global high tech synthetic rope market.
  • Speeds exploration into new synthetic/steel rope combinations.
  • Solidifies position as leading global crane rope manufacturer
WireCo WorldGroup acquires Phillystran, Inc, a United States synthetic rope manufacturer.
  • Entrée and expansion in the global high tech synthetic rope market.
  • Speeds exploration into new synthetic/steel rope combinations.
WireCo WorldGroup launches capacity expansion plan of mining rope in Sedalia, Mo.
  • Shorter lead times.
  • Increase of mining rope capacity.
WireCo WorldGroup and WISCO joint venture opens largest, most modern wire rope manufacturing facility in the world
  • Ability to deliver higher quality products to the Asian markets.
Purchased U.S. Reel, a valued and trusted supplier
  • Secured source of supply for the future.
  • Potential profit center.
WireCo WorldGroup moves corporate headquarters from St. Joseph, MO to Kansas City, MO
  • Company proximity to global transportation: next door to international airport.
  • State of the art facility to support further expansion and attract a global talent pool.
Wire Rope Corporation of America changes name to WireCo WorldGroup
  • New identity that better reflects Company’s broad product offering and global reach.
Acquires CASAR, the world’s technical leader in design and production of special wire ropes used in critical load lifting applications for hoists, cranes, and underground mining
  • Enhanced Company’s global brands.
  • Expanded access to European and many other markets worldwide.
Acquired Wireline Works, a Canadian EMC manufacturer
  • Expanded customer base to more North American markets.
Acquired by Paine and Partners, LLC, formerly Fox Paine, a private equity firm based in San Francisco
  • Enhanced potential for growth and expansion.
  • Catalyst to complete acquisition of German corporation, CASAR.
Joint venture agreement with WISCO Wuhan Jiangbei Iron and Steel Co. to form new wire rope manufacturing company in China
  • Strategic partnership in place with the third largest steel company in China (also one of the largest in the world).
  • Opened up Asian market for sales and distribution.
Acquired Aceros Camesa, leading producer of wire rope, major producer of high carbon wire in Mexico, and world’s leading independent producer of EM cables for data logging
  • Expansion into EM cable market worldwide.
  • Enhanced product offering for oil and gas customer base.
  • Added state-of-the-art wire manufacturing and distribution capability.
Acquired Rochester Corporation’s wire rope division
  • Enhanced market share with key specialty products.
Wire division moved to new wire mill facility in Chillicothe, MO
  • More efficiency.
Acquired wire rope division of Armco Steel, Union Wire Rope
  • Stronger market share in oil and mining industries from strength of Union brand.
Launched new division selling high carbon wire
  • Expanded markets to offset downturns in oil and gas exploration.
Acquired St. Louis-based A.H. Leschen & Sons
  • Consolidated manufacturing capabilities.
  • Strengthened Leschen brand.
WRCA relocates to the Midwest from New Haven, CT
  • Proximity to raw material supplier.
  • Logistical hub for manufacturing operations.
Wire Rope Corporation of America, Inc. (WRCA) founded by J.P. Barclay, Sr. as a spin off from Wire Machinery Corporation of America
  • Independent wire rope manufacturing, sales, and distribution capability for emerging markets.
Lankhorst Family started a local factory manufacturing ropes