Strong, enduring, worldwide — It’s what today’s industries expect from critical wire rope, synthetic rope, wire, synthetic yarns, electromechanical cable and engineered products. And it’s what WireCo WorldGroup is all about.

WireCo WorldGroup is the market, manufacturing and technical leader in wire and synthetic rope manufacturing, providing a consultative approach to offer customers a single, reliable source for solutions that fit their specific application and budget needs. But it doesn't stop there. WireCo WorldGroup offers clients the education and expertise needed to enhance product performance and value.

Our strength comes from our ability to meet diverse industry needs anywhere in the world with:

  • A comprehensive range of trusted, global brands
  • Unmatched technical expertise and commitment to innovation
  • Unparalleled quality assurance and international quality certifications
  • Global availability of products and after sale support

We’ve endured through 80+ years of market changes, technological advances and raw material supply fluctuations. Why? Because at WireCo WorldGroup, we employ technically minded, determined people committed to quality products and service. Plus, we listen to our customers and stay focused on solving the application challenges they face.

WireCo WorldGroup is on the ground everywhere you are — with manufacturing facilities in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, sales/distribution offices worldwide, and nearly 4,000 global employees supporting these efforts. Our customers enjoy global availability for a consistent, responsive supply no matter where and when they need it.